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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Trim Levels, Standard Features, Pricing & More

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee remains a sterling choice for a midsize family SUV. Not to be confused with the Grand Cherokee L seven-seat variant, the Grand Cherokee (sans the L moniker) has two rows of seats to accommodate five passengers. Nevertheless, the Grand Cherokee is underpinned by an all-new unibody platform and is available in a bedazzling array of trim models and driveline configurations. aSince its introduction as a 1993 model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has set the standard […]

Original article: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Trim Levels, Standard Features, Pricing & More

2023 Kia Sportage: Kiaas New Crossover Grows by Leaps & Bounds

The 2023 Kia Sportage celebrates the fifth generation of the South Korean automakeras longest-running nameplate. Previous generations of the Kia Sportage were excellent choices for a compact family SUV with comfortable seats, plentiful standard features, and an outstanding warranty. However, the Sportage gets lost in translation when facing Japanese stalwarts like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and even the Subaru Forester a but the 2023 Sportage begs to differ. aThe tremendous success formula of our current stable of SUVs has […]

Original article: 2023 Kia Sportage: Kia’s New Crossover Grows by Leaps & Bounds

AutoAssure Extended Car Warranty Review (2021)

AutoAssure has been under scrutiny for shady marketing practices. But do AutoAssure extended warranty contracts provide good coverage? Click here to read more.

Original article: AutoAssure Extended Car Warranty Review (2021)

Buyeras Guide to the Best Tires (2021)

Searching for the best tires? Click here to read our buyeras guide. We list the top 10 tire brands as well as how to choose the best tires for your vehicle.

Original article: Buyeras Guide to the Best Tires (2021)

Travelers Insurance Review 2021 [Cost, Service, and Coverage]

Our Travelers insurance review gives a recommendation rating of 88 percent overall. Click to see what Travelers insurance reviews from customers have to say about it.

Original article: Travelers Insurance Review 2021 [Cost, Service, and Coverage]

Liberty Mutual Insurance Review (2021)

Liberty Mutual auto insurance offers extensive coverage for families and young drivers. Read our Liberty Mutual car insurance review on policies, claims and customer service.

Original article: Liberty Mutual Insurance Review (2021)

How Much Does Volkswagen Maintenance Cost On Average?

The average annual Volkswagen maintenance cost is $672, but you may pay more or less depending on your vehicle. Learn how to reduce your VW maintenance costs here.

Original article: How Much Does Volkswagen Maintenance Cost On Average?

Assurant Extended Warranty Review (2021)

Considering an Assurant extended warranty? We examine Assurant reviews, contract options, and costs to help you decide if the provider is a safe bet.

Original article: Assurant Extended Warranty Review (2021)

What Will Tesla Maintenance Cost You In 2021?

How much does it cost to maintain a Tesla? Your yearly Tesla maintenance cost is likely to be lower than you expect, as service is recommended on an as-needed basis.

Original article: What Will Tesla Maintenance Cost You In 2021?

Our State Farm Insurance Review (2021)

In this State Farm insurance review, we take a deep dive into the company's rates, coverage options, and customer and industry ratings.

Original article: Our State Farm Insurance Review (2021)

2022 Acura MDX Type S: Breaking Ground as The Fastest & Best-Handling Acura SUV Yet

The 2022 Acura MDX Type S made its first appearance as the official service vehicle of Team Acura at the 2021 Pikeas Peak International Hill Climb event. Itas the first Acura SUV in history to wear the Type S badge, and the Japanese premium automaker claims the MDX Type S is the fastest and best-handling SUV it has ever made. Acura has been churning out brilliant products left and right, part of its much-awaited rebirth in the luxury-performance category spearheaded […]

Original article: 2022 Acura MDX Type S: Breaking Ground as The Fastest & Best-Handling Acura SUV Yet

10 Best Car Insurance Companies (2021 Review)

We looked at cost, service, coverage, and more to help you find the best car insurance. Here are the results for the top car insurance companies.

Original article: 10 Best Car Insurance Companies (2021 Review)

Texas Mortgage Refinancing See Uptick

The Federal Housing Finance Agency eliminated something called the “Adverse Market Refinance Fee,” a huge incentive for  homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage. The refinancing fee was rolled out in December as a way to pay for some of the COVID mortgage relief.  How it worked was, the agency calculated the fee by taking 0.5% of a […]

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Will you need an appraisal?

Last November, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve released a proposal that would increase the appraisal requirement for home sales from $250,000 to $400,000, meaning that certain home purchases of $400,000 and less would no longer require an appraisal […]

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What questions will a mortgage lender ask?

Millions of mortgage applications are completed and sent to lenders each year. Part of the steps required include the lender gathering information about youaand sometimes those questions can seem invasive. Most of the questions are required as part of your approval. Letas take a look at the things a mortgage lender will ask. Credit Lenders […]

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Getting a great mortgage rate

The mortgage industry examines a number of factors to determine not only if you qualify for a mortgage, but also what interest rate youall pay. An excellent rate on a mortgage is about a lot more than comparison shopping. Itas also about much more than just your credit score. Mortgage rates can differ by several […]

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All about home appraisals

A property appraisal is different from a property inspection. The home appraiseras job is to determine the current value of a house or other property. The appraiser, of all the people you encounter during a home purchase, is the one youall probably interact with least. Looking for issues in the home that the buyer should […]

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Rent or Buy? Whatas Right for You?

For many Americans, purchasing a home was a measure of financial success for decades. After the subprime mortgage crisis, people realized buying isnat always smart but now it seems like weare taking it to the other extreme. You need to understand the reasons for both to make the proper decision. Normal buying pros: You eliminate […]

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How to use your 401(k) for a down payment

Setting aside funds for a down payment for a home loan isnat easy. Buyers obtaining a traditional loan need at least 20 percent as a down payment; otherwise, private mortgage insurance (PMI) will be required. That can add a significant amount to pay on top your mortgage payment. Today, the median home listing price in […]

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Home Inspection Red Flags

If youare in the process of buying a home, you likely experienced a home inspection. Home inspections occur to protect both buyer and seller. Buyers want to know they are making a sound investment and a thorough home inspection can provide assurance. For sellers, an inspection verifies the condition of the home at the time […]

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Home Improvements That Really Pay Off

You can enjoy the benefits and updates of many projects that add value to your home and improve your familyas quality of life. Renew the Kitchen Kitchen updates pay off. You can usually recover 60% a 120% of your investment on a kitchen remodelaas long as you keep it balanced with the rest of your […]

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Credit: The Basics

Many consumers are confused about credit. A 2016 survey from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and VantageScore Solutions, LLC, found more than 80% of consumers know the basics of credit scores. But theyare still lost when it comes to some important details. To alleviate some of the confusion, hereas a few short answers to […]

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Paris Plans Electric Flying Taxi Routes in Time for Olympics

France will begin testing electric air taxis in coming months at a hub outside Paris with the goal of having two dedicated flight paths to ferry passengers in time for the 2024 summer Olympics. One route would link Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget airports and the other would be between two suburbs southwest of…

Itas Time for a New Progressive Era, With Informal Workers at the Center

Informal work is the essential service that billions of people give to a world that barely notices.

Here Are the Most aAttractivea Global Cities. But Can They Keep Their Edge in the Post-Pandemic World?A

Many of the world's major global cities saw a significant decrease in competitiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jamie Dimon Offers Hasty Apology After Joking JPMorgan Will Outlast Chinese Communist Party

The mea culpa underscores the bank's desire to keep cordial relations in China, where it has nearly $20 billion of exposure and has ambitions to expand further.

Why This Dating App Is Paying All Employees an $80,000 Minimum Salary

The decision is similar to that taken by the Dan Price, the CEO of credit card processing startup Gravity Payments

I Tried Buying Only Used Holiday Gifts. It Changed How I Think About Shopping

Pre-owned or vintage gifts are often better for the environment, and won't run into the supply chain issues facing new goods made overseas.

U.S. Unemployment Claims Plunge to the Lowest Level in 52 Years

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits plummeted last week to the lowest level in more than half a century, another sign that the U.S. job market is rebounding rapidly from last year’s coronavirus recession. Jobless claims dropped by 71,000 to 199,000, the lowest since mid-November 1969. But seasonal adjustments around the Thanksgiving holiday…

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Digital weather station in Spain looks like a wood ring

LPA Studios' digital totem for the beaches of the Canary Islands has just won the Architizer A+ Product Award 2021 and the gold at Grand Prix du Design Awards 14th Edition 2021. This beautiful 2.5-meter tall digital beacon combines traditional art forms with modern function, working both as a decorative seasonal sundial and digital weather station. The device collects and displays local weather information for visitors at the beaches of the Canary Islands and celebrates the history of the culture here. [...]

NUQI uses 100% natural materials for its products

After years of experience in the fashion industry, Tosca van Haren was fed up with fast fashion and the waste in the industry, so she launched her own social fashion brand NUQI. [...]

6 Indian street foods that are traditionally vegan

If youare vegan, Indian street food is a dream come true. There are many popular options here that are traditionally vegan and totally delicious. You donat have to order anything on the side, get something removed or include any special instructions. You can simply grab a classic bite of street food and start eating right away.[...]

Hemp and lime studio in Italy highlights sustainable living

Architects Cosimo Terlizzi and partner Damien Modolo have created a lamia-style hemp and lime construction art studio in southern Italy. It combines traditional building style from theA Valle d'Itria and Alto Salento region with modern and sustainable materials and energy management systems. The team designed the studio to reflect the owners' love of both the Apulian countryside and sustainable living.[...]

These are the 67 best and worst countries for animal rights

We all know by now that where a person is born can convey privilege a or the opposite. But what about animals? Their country of origin can make the difference between leading a posh life with toys, a pet bed and even a wardrobe, or winding up on somebodyas dinner plate.[...]

Innovative i-Mesh fabric takes shape at Expo 2020 Dubai

The construction and textiles industries are two of the most targeted industries for creating waste, toxins and carbon emissions. Innovation in both industries move towards a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable focus. Recently unveiled at Expo 2020 Dubai, i-Mesh is an artistic and creative approach to dealing with hot climates like in the Middle East.[...]

Virtual pavilion looks into the future of sustainable design

The built environment is responsible for consuming over one-third of global energy and produces 40% of the world's energy-related carbon emissions. To highlight the impact of sustainable design for local and global contexts, the Visualization and VR team at AECOM, in collaboration with exhibition designers at Install Archive, designed a virtual pavilion called Build Better Now for COP26. The pavilion can be accessed by the public from their phones or personal computers through the Build Better Now website.[...]

100-year-old railway yard turned into a green space

Parco Romana is an urban-scale redevelopment project in Milanas Porta Romana district. The international team behind it includes OUTCOMIST, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, PLP Architecture, Carlo Ratti Associati and Arup. They have just won a competition with its design, beating out 46 other teams representing nearly 330 studios. [...]

California fires killed nearly 20 percent of the world's Sequoias

Wildfires in California over the past five years have claimed nearly 20% of the world's largest Sequoias. Frequent fires in the Sequoia National Park and the surrounding forests have claimed a third of groves in California.Last year alone, forest fires claimed nearly 10,400 trees of the 75,000 trees that are native to the western side of the Sierra Nevada range.[...]

Get these Black Friday deals on eco-friendly beauty products

Being environmentally friendly every day, in every aspect of your life, is hard. Itas draining to try to save your wallet but also save Mother Earth. There donat seem to be many options for both, but Black Friday is just around the corner. Here is our list of products to celebrate you! Youall be taking care of yourself, your wallet and the environment all in one purchase.[...]

Tom Ford launches new plastic film alternative competition

In a world shifting focus towards more sustainable products, research and development is crucial in order to find viable alternatives to plastic. Innovation can come from surprising sources when itas flushed out with the proper support. With this in mind, Tom Ford and Lonely Whaleas 52HZ teamed up to launch the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize.A [...]

Find the best eco-friendly deals for Black Friday here

Before you throw in the towel on your good intentions to shop conscientiously this season, check out these deals weave rounded up that are sure to get you headed in the right direction.[...]

Turns out, many Americans actually do support climate action

Americans are open to new climate change policies as long as they offer environmental, social and economic benefits. This is according to social scientists Janet K. Swim and Nathaniel Geiger. According to the two, many Americans are willing to embrace positive climate change policies regardless of political affiliation.[...]

Get cozy with Black Friday deals on sustainable home goods

As the holidays arrive, many people turn their thoughts toward getting cozy for the end of the year. Whether you spend your time snuggled up with a book or curled up on the couch watching movies, you want to make sure your space is as comfortable as possible. If you need to make your home more welcoming this winter, try going for eco-friendly options. Inhabitat has put together this helpful list of our top picks for sustainable home goods you can get great deals on for Black Friday.[...]

Try these vegan side dishes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that's all about eating and enjoying, so when there are vegans involved on the day that's all about turkey, it's pretty challenging. What can you serve as a vegan side dishes to turkey that will still be delicious, festive and not totally difficult to prepare and cook?[...]

Cheap, durable and natural furniture from PlayWood

Italian design company PlayWood is setting a new standard for sustainable furniture. They have products that are modular, recyclable and built from responsibly-sourced natural materials.[...]

Backwards Sky Ranch House offers gorgeous valley views

Backwards Sky Ranch House by Clayton Korte is embedded into a beautiful landscape, extending from the Dry Frio River in Hill Country, Central Texas, down south to a vast meadow. The house's site-specific design and adaptability allow residents to enjoy the natural environment and surrounding landscape while mitigating extreme weather conditions to maintain thermal comfort.[...]

PANGEA Movement's Eco-jacket uses 100% recycled materials

The PANGEA Movement is all about the planet in more than just name. It is a company with a focus on green design products and a dedication to using proceeds from sales to rid the Earthas waterways of plastic and other pollution. [...]

AICT shows off 3D printing technology's power for the construction industry

Advanced Intelligent Construction Technology (AICT) has just announced the founding of a robotics-based intelligent construction technology company in the United States. AICT used 3D printing to create a public park to demonstrate the possibilities of the technology this company will employ in the construction industry.[...]

Check out these tips for minimizing Thanksgiving waste

Thankfully, celebrations this year will look more normal for the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether youare only serving members of your household or inviting some additional guests, the focal point of the holiday is the feast. Like other gatherings though, Thanksgiving has the potential to give the environment less to be thankful for. The planet works hard to provide an ecosystem where food can grow, animals can graze and humans can consume, so when planning your Thanksgiving feast, honor Earth by making use of every morsel.[...]

Art installation in Milan shows how much CO2 trees capture

Natural Capital is one of the largest data visualizations ever created, and it is suitably impressive. This installation has been erected in the famous historical botanical garden in Milan, the Orto Botanico di Brera. It shows exactly how plants absorb emissions in a way that's beautiful, informative and poignant.[...]

Cancer Alley residents may finally see environmental justice

Marginalized groups suffer the most from corporate pollution. Many of those affected lack the resources to fight back or reach relevant authorities for help. One such community is Reserve, a predominantly black neighborhood of about 8,000 people, which sits at the heart of Cancer Alley between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.[...]

Join the sustainable vacation movement with Oculis Mountain Side

Imagine spending a glorious day skiing on one of the highest mountains and snowiest places on earth in the Cascade Range. Then you retire to a private vacation dome tucked into a forest of pine trees with a huge skylight that lets you stargaze from your bed. The people behind the new Oculis Mountain Side project at Mount Baker, Washington plan to disrupt the traditional hospitality industry by providing eco-friendly, yet fabulously appointed, alternative accommodations.[...]

Mysterious tree thieves uproot unique specimen in Australia

Jeff Knispel finished planting 205 citrus trees on Tuesday, November 2. That Saturday, he noticed his trees had been stolen.[...]

New Toyota Financial Services Center completed in Arizona

The newly completed Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Experience Center West is an architectural masterpiece that answers to the needs of modern working space. Designed and developed by the award-winning developer Ware Malcomb, the center will consolidate 29 locations into three experience centers for Toyota customers.[...]

Smart flower LOTUS moves in response to light

The recipe for this art display includes a dash of intrigue, a measure of intelligence and a full serving of "WOW" factor. LOTUS is a nature-inspired smart material that mirrors how flowers act when greeted by the sun. [...]

Huge solar energy project coming to Winona State University

Reducing energy reliance results in lower electrical bills and benefits the environment through resource conservation. The larger the usage, the larger the impact. So, when it comes to university campuses, the opportunity for significant energy reduction is heavy in both the investment required and the rewards achieved for the campus and the planet.[...]

Plastic is threatening animals, too but this bear survived

On Monday, wildlife officials in Florida reported they had removed a plastic container from a bear's neck. The bear was first spotted in Collier County with the container around its neck about four weeks ago. Before wildlife officials could intervene, it disappeared in the wild. The officials had been looking for the bear over the past three weeks.[...]

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